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Chisel hammers up to 4kg

Industry – Chisel hammers up to 4 kg
The compact and easy-to-handle F+K chisel hammers up to 4 kg are ideally suited for light construction, prying and demolition work in the construction sector and when performing renovation and restoration work. In metalworking shops, car repair workshops and in chassis construction, the small, but extremely powerful pneumatic tools are used to separate welding seams, welding points or flangings and to release stuck screws.
Depending on the plug-in tool used, the small chisel hammer is suitable for derusting, trimming and light riveting work. In the industrial sector, e.g. in the steel processing industry, it is used for cleaning steel blocks and foundry products (gray, steel and malleable cast iron), removing casting burrs and deburring edges, plastering and chiseling containers, boilers and hull walls, cleaning industrial furnaces, casting ladles and crucibles and decoring.
The small chisel hammer from Frölich + Klüpfel is very comfortable in the user’s hand due to its light weight and ergonomic design. Additional features include the adjustable impact force, the light impact and the excellent noise and vibration suppression. You can work at heights with this chisel hammer and the tool can be held horizontally, vertically or at a slant.

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