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Riveting and shearing hammers

Our range of medium to heavy riveting and shearing hammers include powerful pneumatic hammers with a weight of up to 15 kg and matching counterholders. The F+K riveting and shearing hammers are suitable for hammering rivets in and out and for shearing off rivet heads. They are used, in particular, in the construction and industry sectors for instance, for steel and bridge construction, shipbuilding and boiler, container and railway car construction. The riveting and shearing hammers are also used in many car repair workshops where it is indispensable for sheet metal and steel processing for repairs, restorations, new constructions and alterations.
With the powerful pneumatic riveting hammer, you can also drive in locking pins which you would otherwise have to hammer in by hand. Especially for heavy riveting work, the right pneumatic tool accelerates the work and makes it much easier and also increases work safety and accident prevention.
You can find details about the different pneumatic hammers and pneumatic tools in the production descriptions and data sheets. You are welcome to call us and send us a message with your request if you want a personal consultation or require a special tool.

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