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Rust chisel

The pneumatic rust chisel is an easy-to-handle special tool for cleaning and/or abrading various surfaces. You can use the impact device on the plug-in side to completely remove rust, all types of paints or lacquers in a time-saving and economically-efficient manner. Concrete, stone and metal surfaces can be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next work step.
In industry, rust chisels are used to clean industrial furnaces (coke ovens) and boilers (knocking off boiler scale), etc. In stone processing, they are used to abrade concrete, synthetic and natural stone. Rust chisels are also used in vehicle, repair and restoration workshops. Due to the slim design, you can reach and work on hard-to-reach areas with this pneumatic tool.
The rust chisel is a light pneumatic hammer on the end of which the actual tool with which you process the surface is installed. Three different versions or plug ends are available for the F+K rust chisels: spherical, hard metal pins and x blades.

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