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Sand rammers

Industry – Sand rammer 
We offer pneumatic sand rammer  in a variety of weight classes (up to 5 kg, up to 10 kg and up to 15 kg) for light to heavy tamping work. Pneumatic sand rammer are used anywhere where semi-moist or dry masses, construction materials, molding and filling materials have to be compressed and solidified. Depending on which material you want to compress and which degree of density and solidity you want to reach, you need a lighter or heavier sand rammer with a shorter or longer piston stroke.
Easy-to-handle rammers are ideal for workbench work and lighter applications in the cement processing industry and in foundries. You can also use a pneumatic tamper to compress insulation materials (e.g. heat insulation loam or pour-in insulation in hollow walls, interior or facing formwork).
Medium rammers are used to compress soil and grave, for tamping (in) molding materials (molding sand) in casting pits, large molds and molding boxes and producing synthetic stone and concrete molded parts (e.g. concrete pipes).
Heavy pneumatic sand rammer  are used to compress large concrete masses, tamp furnace linings and solidify asphalt, earth deposits, foundations and substructures.

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