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Pneumatic hammers for Industrial

Pneumatic hammers from Frölich + Klüpfel are indispensable in many industrial branches. We have several years of experience with pneumatic tools and are very familiar with the diverse requirements in industrial factories, at construction sites and in professional and artistic stone working. For our customers from various branches, we not only offer high-quality pneumatic tools, spare parts and accessories, we also develop individual solutions, tailor-made for your company, your needs and your budget.
Our diverse range of products for industrial use includes light pneumatic chisel hammers ranging from 0.71 kg to 3.35 kg, heavy chisel and riveting hammers ranging from 4 kg to 8 kg, pneumatic tampers ranging from 1 kg to 12.5 kg, pneumatic riveting and shearing hammers, pneumatic punching hammers, pneumatic engraving pens and counterholders and special tools, e.g. needle scalers and rust chisels. Heavy devices, e.g. pneumatic hammers, picks and demolition hammers ranging from 10 to 20 kg are often used in road construction, for demolition work and renovating buildings.
All pneumatic hammers and chisels from Frölich + Klüpfel are made of high-quality materials. The steel for chisels, chisel shafts, etc. are subject to a special heat treatment and is therefore extremely strong, durable and highly suitable for work under the harshest conditions. Thanks to our ergonomic design, the pneumatic tools lie very comfortably in the user’s hand. The are easy and safe to use and support a manner of working that protects the back and joints when working horizontally or vertically.
Work faster and more efficiently with pneumatic tools.  
With out powerful and durable pneumatic hammers, chisel hammers, trimming and compression tools, you work safely and efficiently and can thus significantly increase productivity. The devices are powerful, easy to operate, use very little air and are low-maintenance. You thus prevent faults and downtimes and, thanks to the longer maintenance intervals, you save on maintenance and repair costs. Frölich + Klüpfel is a pioneer in both development and technology and in the production and design of pneumatic tools: Our engineers have developed several innovations in this sector and, if your purchase from us, you are purchasing the tried-and-tested original.
A close relationship with our customers is important to us: We will gladly consult with you personally and develop the best solution if you need a special pneumatic tool or customized equipment. Simply call us or send us your request via email or using the contact form.

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