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Stone processing
Manufacturing pneumatic hammers for stonemasons and stone sculptors is one of our specialties: Frölich + Klüpfel is the market leader in the field of pneumatic hammers for stone processing. Pneumatic hammers, chisel hammers and lettering hammers from F+K are equipped with noise and vibration suppression and are easy-to-handle and ergonomic which protects your muscles and joints, posture, ears and nerves so you work longer, creatively and with more concentration, without tiring.
The original devices from Frölich und Klüpfel (identifiable by the green handle) are durable, maintenance-friendly and are particularly economical, due to their extremely high output, small size and low air consumption. The impact force and speed can be continuously adjusted and can therefore be precisely adjusted to the respective work step and material. In many stone processing factories, the easy-to-operate and precise pneumatic tools are used, as needed, to support and supplement the traditional manual work with hammers, chisels or lettering irons.
Professional pneumatic technology for stone processing
We offer an innovative range of pneumatic hammers for stonemasonry companies, stonemasonry workshops, artists and artisans to process synthetic and natural stone, hammering in lettering, for sculpting and the like. Our pneumatic tools for professional stone processing were developed in cooperation with stonemasons and score due to their handiness, low weight and low air consumption. The small chisel hammers with the ergonomic, full-plastic pistol grip and special impact force control are perfectly suited for stonemasonry work of any kind and for hammering in lettering. Very fine work, e.g. shading or fine lines, can be precisely incorporated with a pneumatic engraving pen.
The medium chisel hammers with the RK 13 plug-in end are recommended for moderately heavy work, such as general stone processing, embossing, ridging and solidification. The F+K hammers are available with an open aluminum handle or closed steel handle and with or without air intake control.
F+K chisel hammers remain still in the hand because their mass absorbs the vibrations. In the design with vibration suppression, the vibration load is reduced by 60%. The chisel hammer is equipped with a rotating noise suppressor and is available with matching chisel sockets for all common plug-in tools.

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